Workers Compensation

Have you been injured on the way to work or whilst you were at work? Your injuries may enable you to qualify for workers compensation entitlements under the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme.

Hunter Legal can assess your situation and determine the best course of action and what you may be entitled to, including assisting you to access workers compensation through the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme and any other avenues that may be relevant. This scheme is administered by iCare (previously known as Workcover NSW ) and covers workers whilst on the way to work or whilst undertaking their work related duties.

The Workers Compensation Scheme involves a process of providing administration of payments that can help you manage your financial status whilst you can not attend work obligations. The process manages weekly payments, lump sum payments for permanent impairment, as well as payment of medical bills and intensive rehabilitation assistance depending on what your situation requires.


The Hunter Legal team can assist with determining your level of entitlement and coverage as you can only claim this compensation by meeting certain criteria such as:

1. you must be a ‘worker’; and

2. your injury, including disease type injuries, must be have been suffered during the course of your employment

Kim Sharpe is a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law and is experienced in this area and can provide the most current and accurate support for your workers compensation entitlements.

How much will it cost me?

If Hunter Legal is able to assist you, Kim Sharpe is a WIRO approved solicitor and will apply for a grant of funding from WIRO which will cover your legal costs in accessing your entitlement to workers compensation.


How do you classify a Workplace injury?

Workplace injuries can occur on your way to or from work, as well as occurring at work. Workplace injuries can include an injury arising out of a specific incident or injuries that develop over a period of time and even a disease that occurs during the course of your employment.

The Hunter Legal team provides expert advice to support your compensation claim and entitlements with prompt assessment and easy coordination with Work Cover NSW to ensure your claim is assessed correctly and the streamlined process is streamlined.

Do I really need a Solicitor for my Workers Compensation Claim?

The easy answer is yes – you definitely do need a Solicitor for Workers Compensation entitlement claims.

A Solicitor will ensure that the correct information is gathered from you and provided to the workers compensation insurer to alleviate any stress or confusion in the process and will ensure you receive accurate and the best possible outcome to your claim.

The team at Hunter Legal will provide you with:

1. Information and assistance if your workers compensation claim has been rejected for some reason.

2. Investigate why your workers compensation benefits may have been stopped.

3. Assist with information if your earning capacity or benefits may require review.

4. Investigate and recommend if you are entitled to lump sum compensation for your injury.

5. Assess if the lump sum offer you have been given is adequate.

6. Investigate and determine if you may be eligible to make a claim for damages for your injury.

What time limits are there to making a claim?

There are various time limits that apply to making a Worker’s Compensation claim.

The timing commences from the day the injury is assessed by a medical practitioner, you must make sure that you consult with your Doctor as soon as you are aware or display the injury so as to provide accurate timing for the assessment.

How do I make a Workers Compensation claim?

There are a few steps to follow to help with making your claim.

If you are in the unfortunate position where you have suffered an injury at work, you should first report your injury to your employer and then consult with your general practitioner. Your general practitioner may provide you with a Workers Compensation Medical Certificate and you should give this certificate to your employer.

You will then likely be contacted by your workers compensation insurer to discuss your claim.

You should keep copies of all of your medical certificates and any correspondence you receive from the workers compensation insurer.

Your Solicitor will review your details and discuss the Worker’s Compensation Claim Entitlement options available with you.