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The sad truth of what occurs if you die without a Will – Part 1 of 3

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If you die without a Will, the legal term is “die intestate. The word “intestate” is derived from the Latin word “intestatus” which means a person who dies without a Will. The legal term “testate” means you die with a Will.

Dying without a Will is not the only way that intestacy can occur. It can occur for other reasons such as:

  • Your assets aren’t properly disposed of in your Will;
  • Your Will has not been signed and witnessed in accordance with the Law;
  • You weren’t mentally well when the Will was made;
  • The Will wasn’t drafted in accordance with the legal rules of construction.

It is also possible to die partly testate and partly intestate which occurs when part of your Will is valid but part is invalid. For example – you won or inherited a large sum of money and purchased a large sum of unique assets that weren’t accounted for in your Will.

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