Legal Contracts & Agreements

It is vital in today’s world that if you are entering into any written Contract or Agreement ensure you are fully versed in its terms and conditions. Our legal team can assist with all types of Contracts & Agreements such as:

Shareholder Agreements

This is an agreement between shareholders of a company that describes how it should be run and what rights and responsibilities each shareholder has. This document also includes provisions that cover the management of the company and the protection and privileges of the shareholders.

Unit Hold Agreements

A Unitholders Agreement is a Contract between the holders of a unit trust and the trustees. This agreement conveys how the trust will function and the rights and obligations of the appointed trustee.

Partnership Agreements

A partnership Agreement outlines the individual partner’s duties and responsibilities both to each other and to the business. This Agreement will govern matters that arise in the business, including dispute resolution, payment of benefits, and termination of the agreement. It must be signed by each partner to make it legally binding and enforceable.

Settle & Release Agreements

A Settlement Agreement & Release is a legal document between parties of a claim which sets out the details of the claim, the agreement that has been reached between the parties, and identifies that the settlement will release each party of any and all claims, charges, actions, complaints, demands, actions, and liabilities moving forward.

Loan Agreements

A Loan Agreement documents the terms of any loan arrangement. This is between a lender who provides the funds and the borrower, to whom the funds are lent. The agreement will specify the intentions of the parties, their obligations, and the duration of the agreement.