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Estate planning involves strategising what will occur with an individual's assets once they have passed away. An estate is comprised of various assets, most commonly money, property, personal possessions and superannuation.

Hunter Legal & Conveyancing offer an Estate Planning service to help clients and their families prepare for the future. This includes the preparation and execution of your Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship.  The Estate Plan will ensure your assets are distributed the way you want, and to who you want. For families with children, it is paramount that an Estate Plan is created.

There are many variable situations that can arise (i.e. a beneficiary could be disabled and required a Testamentary Trust in place). Hunter Legal & Conveyancing will walk you through the Estate Planning process.

We recommend people obtain an Estate Plan the moment they have assets (i.e. when you start working and open a superannuation fund), so this service is suitable for adults of all ages.

The Estate Plan will be structured by our senior legal team, who possess over 40 years experience in the industry.

Please note that Hunter Legal & Conveyancing offer a free Will for all Conveyancing clients The moment a person has a property, they should have a Will.

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Please phone us for an initial consultation on 1300 224 828, we will schedule an in-person meeting. Our office is located at 5 Church St, Maitland NSW 2320. Alternatively please use our contact page.

Our staff will help you complete a questionnaire that will capture all the relevant information Hunter Legal & Conveyancing will require from you and provide you with any relevant information to your situation.


Can a conveyancer perform Estate Planning services or must it be a solicitor?

All Estate planning must be administered via a solicitor. Hunter Legal & Conveyancing conduct all Estate Planning processes through their Legal Department.

How often should I review my Estate Plan?

Anytime there has been a major change in life circumstances.

Examples of this include change of address, remarriage, having children or the death of a person.

In terms of optimising finances, tax and superannuation can HLC assist or do we employ a financial professional?

We can assist to a certain extent and have a network of professionals in financial planning that we can refer to if assistance is needed.

What happens if I want to make alterations to my Estate Plan?

We have access to your documents digitally, so we will make the necessary changes on the same day.

What is a superannuation beneficiary?

A superannuation beneficiary is nominated on a superannuation account. They are eligible to receive coverage from the superannuation funds upon your death.

A list of dependants/ beneficiaries can be added to your account when you open a superannuation fund. This will override what is nominated in your Will.

It is imperative that the superannuation account and the Will coincide.

Please be aware to update your superannuation accounts after life changes such as:

  • Marriage
  • Remarriage
  • Death of a beneficiary