Hunter Legal & Conveyancing offer an Estate Planning service to help clients and their families prepare for the future and whatever that may hold.

This encompasses arranging for how your assets will be preserved, managed, and divided upon your death as well as preparing for the management of your financial and health decisions in the event you become incapacitated.

We pride ourselves on the modern approach that we take to our Wills and other Estate Planning documents to assist in maximising the value of an individual’s estate. We consider real-time assets, investments, retirement, long-term care planning, trusts, superannuation, business interests, succession planning, and other personal directives to friends and family.

Our Legal Team also places extreme importance on the value of establishing a Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship, regardless of your age or circumstances.

We offer competitive fixed-fee pricing for our Estate Planning based on our client’s individual circumstances.

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For a property sale, we will perform the following:

  • Prepare a Contract of Sale that is compliant with NSW Conveyancing Act and regulations
  • Obtain all documentation for inclusion into the Contract including i.e. title search, restrictions, instruments, deposited plan, 10.7 Certificate, Sewer Diagram, and any other notation which may be registered on title
  • Assign a dedicated staff member to your campaign.
  • Provide any guidance that you may need
  • Liaise between buyers, agents, financial parties, councils and other stakeholders
  • Keep you informed throughout the entire process
  • Compile all relevant documentation


Please phone us for an initial consultation on 1300 224 828, we will schedule an in-person meeting. Our office is located at 5 Church St, Maitland NSW 2320. Alternatively please use our contact page.

Our staff will help you complete a questionnaire that will capture all the relevant information Hunter Legal & Conveyancing will require from you and provide you with any relevant information to your situation.


A property valuation is when a real estate agent visits a property, evaluates it and produces a sales appraisal document. The outcome, is to identify a expected sale price for the property.

The value is calculated by many factors, such as market demand, recent sales, land size, building quality, investment opportunity and council planning for that region.

It is not a legal requirement to have a property valued prior to selling. The document is not used for legal processes, such as identifying land tax or stamp duty. It is simply an appraisal so you have a better idea of the property’s value in the current market.

Yes. If the pest and building inspection produce findings of significance, the buying party can request their Solicitor or Conveyancer to negotiate with the selling party during the cooling off period.

Should the buyer decide to not purchase the property, they are able to withdraw from the sale during this cooling off period, and will be required to forfeit 0.25% of the purchase price.

Yes they can, although this will incur a substantial cost.

The Contract of Sale includes a clause for the cooling off period, noting a date and time of expiry. If a buyer wishes to withdraw from the purchase after the cooling off period has expired, they will forfeit the full 10% deposit. Additionally, the buyer may be sued for losses by the selling party.




  • We offer exceptional service and regular communication in the form of texts, calls, meetings and online customer portals
  • Our staff possess over 40 years combined experience in the Conveyancing discipline
  • Our customers are never “too small to matter”, from first home buyers to property developers, we have the same attention to detail on every service
  • We are able to help anyone within NSW with their Conveyancing needs
  • We are experienced in all types of Conveyancing, from residential homes, commercial businesses, retirement villages and larger developments