Have you and your ex-partner reached an agreement after separating? At Hunter Legal, we can help formalise your arrangement with an Application for Consent Orders filed at the Family Court and approved by a Registrar. Consent Orders achieve the certainty and protection of legally binding orders in a cost-effective manner.

Consent Orders can cover all matters of a relationship from children to superannuation and property division.

Our Hunter Legal team prides itself on guiding its clients through this challenging time by providing active listening and clear communication to deliver practical, timely advice and just outcomes.

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Consent orders


An Application for Consent Order can be filed any time after separation but should be filed within 12 months of a divorce or 2 years from the breakdown in a de facto relationship.

If you need to file an Application outside of this timeframe, you will need to seek leave of the Court for the orders sought.

No, the Consent Orders will be filed with the Court but you are not required to attend a hearing.

The process becomes easier and more efficient if you and your partner can maintain an amicable relationship and are willing to negotiate.