Hunter Legal and Conveyancing is a Hunter based licensed property conveyancing and legal firm who specialise in property law. Our experienced solicitors and conveyancers can help you if you are in the legal process of buying, selling or transferring a property’s title/ownerships.

At Hunter Legal and Conveyancing, you pay Conveyancing prices for a full legal service at your disposal. Our team consists of licensed property conveyancers carrying full professional indemnity insurance as well as solicitors who are fully qualified, admitted to practice in all State and Federal courts and are members of the NSW Law Society.

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At Hunter Legal and Conveyancing our property team will guide you every step of the way ensuring your purchase is completed on time and hassle free. We offer a range of quality, helpful and client focused conveyancing services that will help you navigate through the property sale or purchase process.

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Selling Property

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We can help guide you through the legal steps of selling a property. These steps include drafting a contract of sale, liaising with stakeholders and attending settlement on your behalf.

Leverage our experience and professionalism to your advantage during your next property sale and have the peace of mind of knowing you have a strong team of conveyancers working on your behalf.

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Buying Property

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Purchasing property is likely to be the most significant purchase of your life. Our expert conveyancers has guided thousands of people towards a successful property acquisitions.

If you are considering on buying a property, our team would be happy to review the sale contract free of charge.

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Transferring Property

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Transferring a property relates to changing the title of ownership from one party to another. There are many considerations, such as processing fees, financial agreements, types of ownership and tax implications.

Hunter Legal & Conveyancing also offer family law services, so we can assist our clients transfer their property as seamlessly as possible.

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Buying & Selling Businesses

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Trading businesses is a considerable amount of work that has many legal and financial implications for all parties.

Hunter Legal & Conveyancing are well versed in this legal process and are able to streamline it to minimise confusion. Get a professional on board so you can focus on your business and know your conveyancing is being handled to the highest standard.

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Commercial Retail Leases

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These types of leases form an agreement between a property owner and a business owner.

Hunter Legal & Conveyancing are able to help with all facets of commercial leases, from drafting and reviewing leases, negotiating lease terms, resolving disputes and legal representation.

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First Home Buyers

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Entering the property market is both exciting and challenging for first home buyers.

We understand first home buyers may not be well versed in the associated legal proceedings, so a focal point of our first home conveyancing is ensuring our clients fully understand the agreement and enhance their knowledge.

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Off The Plan Purchase

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Buying off the plan, is purchasing an advertised property before its construction has been completed. Purchasing off the plan bears differing stamp duty, contractual and buyer protection circumstances that must be carefully considered.

Hunter Legal & Conveyancing possess many years experience supporting clients buy off the plan in small and large developments.

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Refinancing Property

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Refinancing a property to take advantage of lower interest rates and subsequently reducing debt is a robust strategy to improve one’s financial position.

Hunter Legal & Conveyancing help streamline this process, ensuring that all documentation is collated and reviewed as well as liaising with all relevant stakeholders.

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Retirement Villages

two elderly men walking on a paved path in a garden

Moving into a retirement village is an important choice that affects your lifestyle and financial circumstances. There are multiple forms of occupancy, as well as vastly different agreements with the village provider.

We help our clients make sense of all this, particularly their aged care benefits, ongoing costs and inclusions/exclusions from the village.

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When will you need a conveyancer?

If you are buying or selling residential property, buying or selling commercial or industrial property, buying your first home, transferring property ownership and titles or have a property law questions and need legal advice, you will need a licensed property conveyancer or solicitor - Call our friendly tem who are waiting to help you.

Does HLC offer Retail & Commercial Lease and Contract Services?

Yes, we do. At HLC our team are experienced in all stages of retail and commercial leasing which affect both landlords and tenants throughout all stages of the process.

How do I book your conveyancing services?

Contact our office by phone or email and you will speak with one of our conveyancing specialists. We will overview your situation and you are welcome to ask any questions you may have. We will then provide you with a quote for our conveyancing and outline the process and expected time frame for you. You will be kept up to date in the form of regular phone calls, sms messages and emails.

Do you provide conveyancing services outside the Hunter region?

Yes. We are able to assist anyone in NSW with their conveyancing.

Is there additional fees if I need my conveyancing job to be completed quicker than usual?

No. We understand there are circumstances that arise in which clients require their conveyancing completed sooner rather than later, so we make that happen where we can.

What types of properties do you provide conveyancing for?

We provide conveyancing for all types of properties, whether you are buying or selling a house, duplex, land, dual occupancy property, rural or commercial property, we are able to help you.

I’m planning on attending an auction to purchase a property, what do I do? How can HLC’s conveyancers help?

Prior to attending an auction, we recommend our clients liaise with the agents and arrange for a contract to be sent to us for our review. We offer complimentary contract reviews, so that people can have the advice that they need going into auctions so that they know what's in the contract. Buyers should understand the transaction before agreeing to it.

Do I need to visit Hunter Legal & Conveyancing’s office or can everything be done remotely?

You do not need to physically visit us. We have systems so you can sign forms digitally. With this in mind, we do encourage clients to visit our office for a more personalised experience and so we can explain the contracts comprehensively.

How will I be kept up to date of the status of my conveyancing service?

During the initial meeting with us you will be asked your preference of a phone call, text, or email for status updates. Of course, we will phone you regarding any urgent matters.


  • Fixed price/flat fee conveyancing service.
  • Regular updates by phone/sms/email.
  • Professional and personal service every time.
  • Efficient and fast turnaround.
  • Simple and straightforward advice from property lawyers and conveyancers.
  • Mobile service – if you can’t make it to us we can make it to your home or office.
  • Found a property on the weekend and need to act fast? Contact our team and we will be available after hours and on weekends.
  • Free wills/will updates with every property transaction.


When you come to Hunter Legal and Conveyancing you can have the confidence knowing you are dealing with an experienced team whose aim is to make your property transaction as smooth and simple as possible.

Our Conveyancing services are all based on a fixed fee system, which means there are no surprise bills and you can rest easy knowing you can afford the professional services you receive.

You pay conveyancing prices for the full legal service at your disposal. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.