Strata or Community Title – What’s the difference?

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What is a Strata Title?

Strata title is a system that has a building or collection of buildings that have been divided into ‘lots’. Within this system are usually units or townhouses, which generally have a combination of private residences as well as communal spaces.When a lot is purchased within a strata title property not only has the purchaser bought their lot, they have also bought a share in the common property which generally includes gardens, foyers and driveways so any property purchased makes the purchaser a member of the owners corporation, which is the corporation that cares for the things previously mentioned like the gardens. They also make decisions that benefit/maintain the building.

What is a Community Title?

Community title is a system that is similar to a Strata title system whereby when you purchase a lot, you own a share in the common property. A community title system refers to two (2) or more lots that share a common area. More often than not community titles are large estates that contain several lots and have some form of gated security.

Purchasers who purchase a Community title lot will be part of tabled meetings or alike similar to Strata Title “owners corporation” meetings, whereby they will discuss things such as the maintenance of the common property and decisions that benefit the building can also be made at these meetings.

What are the main differences between a strata or community title?

Lots & Boundaries

  • Strata boundaries are defined by the building; and
  • Community Title is usually defined by lots.


  • strata or community title properties have meetings regularly to talk about the common property.
  • They usually have an annual meeting that discusses the year ahead and what the budget will be allocated to so all owners have a say.


  • The maintenance contributions for both Strata & Community Title properties are pro-rated based on the value or lot size of the property; and
  • Both also have corporations that are responsible for managing the financial and insurance aspects as well as conflicts.


  • Strata Insurance is compulsory; and
  • Community Title insurance is not compulsory and the Community corporation is only responsible for insuring any common areas or buildings such as service infrastructure.

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